Have Faith Ministries School of Theology & Seminary

"Where the Teaching and the Holy Spirit meets Your Call in Ministry"


Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D., President, Dean, Professor 

Professor, Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D., is the President & Founder of Have Faith Ministries, Inc. and the Executive Director of HFM Counseling. Dr. Aaron is also the Dean of the Department of Education. He is Chief Professor of this Seminary.

Pastor Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D. founded Have Faith Ministries in 1999 as an on-line ministry.  Since then it has been Incorporated in the State of Illinois and has grown. He planted a church, Have Faith Christian Fellowship Church, in Red Bud, IL, where he was Pastor for three years.  He and his family, including the Ministry, relocated to Granite City, Illinois. Shortly after, the Ministry became International and HFM Christian Counseling Center was born as HFMcounseling.org  and now serves Southern Illinois and the Metro East St. Louis, Illinois and the St. Louis, Missouri areas. More info at  DrTerryAaron.com

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Pastor Dennis Wagner, M. Div., Life Coach & Pastor

Pastor Dennis Wagner, M.Div., is an Alumni of HFM School of Theology and is on our Board of Directors. He has been on staff with our HFM Christian Counseling division as a Lead Pastoral Counselor and Life Coach.    Pastor Wagner has been blessed with many gifts. He currently is the Executive Pastor of Skyline Church in O'Fallon, IL

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Pastor Steven Goldman, M.A., D.D., Pastoral Counselor & Minister

Dr. Steven Goldman, M.A., D.D., is on our Faculty Staff.  He is also a Minister on staff and a Pastoral Counselor at large.  Dr. Goldman is an asset to HFM Seminary and brings a lot to offer students.

Dr. Goldman says, "A Friend is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you. That means God is your best friend.

From childhood, I had always been amazed at the beauty and wonder of life. I soon found out, as many children do in this world, that there is another side to life. A dark side that can be very cruel, and one that tries to beat, force, abuse, manipulate, steal, preach, and teach the very life from you. Is it any wonder that as a young man, I would dare reach out to a God that was an angry cruel Judge, and a distant impersonal being that takes from us as I was taught from the church.

In a little town, (Cridersville, Ohio), on Nov.12, 1979 around 5:00 am, while in the process of commenting suicide, I cried out to God with everything in me, ?If there is a God, show me the way.?  At that very moment a bright sparkling light came around me and filled the room. It seemed like time stood still as the light warmly hugged me.  I could feel the tangible light as it touched my skin, and I knew the answers to the questions in my heart and mind without a word being spoken. The light was only there for a few moments but it seemed like a lifetime.  For days I could still feel the light on and in me!  That day caused radical changes in my life, and I learned that there is a God that is much different from one that I had been taught.  It would be nice to tell you that there was a warm welcome for me because of what happened that day from the church but there wasn't.  I have made it my mission in life to help others come to know the God that found me that day, the one who I have come to know as a Father and friend".

Apostle Dr. Clarence Edward Bell, Jr., Ph.D., D.D., M.A., Pastoral Counselor, Minister and Adjutant Professor 

Dr. Clarence Bell Jr., relocated from Birmingham, AL. He has served two terms as Vice President of Have Faith Ministries, Inc.. He is on our Board of Directors.


Dr. Bell states, "At the age of 7 I was hit by a car. I was in an a coma for about a month. When I woke my uncle brought me a card that said "Clarence means "Bright and Lustrous" Isaiah 43:1 out of the wilderness I call you by your name you are mine". At the age of 12 I received the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in an unknown tongue."     

I received my calling at the age of 23 while at St Paul Missionary Baptist Church on Cheek Road in Birmingham Alabama.   In 2000 I caught on fire (very excited) for Evangelism.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Religion. In 2006 I started studies at HFM School of Theology finishing in 2013 with a Ph.D. in Theology majoring in Christian Education following behind a Doctorate in Divinity and Ministry, a Masters in Biblical Studies, and a Bachelor in Pastoral Counseling.

I have been elected for two terms as Vice President of Have Faith Ministries, Inc. I am also on the Board of Directors.

My desire is to tell everybody I see that Jesus loves you so much that he died on a cross so you would not go to hell and rose from the dead and went to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God, the Father, so that where He is you can be if you except Him.  

As a Pastoral Counselor it is: 

  • My passion is to help people find the place value in Life
  • Define your relationship with God


  • ULC Seminary - Ph.D. in Religion and Science in Understanding Life
  • HFM Seminary - Bachelor in Pastoral Counseling (2006)
  • HFM Seminary - Masters in Biblical Studies (2008)
  • HFM Seminary - Doctorate (dual degrees) in Ministries and Divinity (2010)
  • HFM Seminary - Ph.D. with a Major in Christian Education (2013)


Memberships and Organizations 

  • National Baptist Association 
  • International Association of Apostles
  • National Association of Christian Ministers
  • International Congress of Churches and Ministers
  • Apostle and Prophet Network
  • The United Independent Missionary Baptist Churches

Dr. Dreyfus Harris, Ph.D, Minister; Adjutant Professor and Dean of Students

Dr. Dreyfus Harris graduate is a native of East Saint Louis, Illinois. His roots started at McCasland Temple COGIC under the guidance of his Aunts Ollie Harris-Smith, Jackie Harris, and Belle Harris.  Dr. Harris received his formative education through East St. Louis Senior High in 1987. He graduated with an Associate of  Arts degree In Substance Abuse Counseling. His Bachelor of Arts degree was in Child/Family and Community Services with an emphasis in education from Sangamon State University in Springfield, IL (now University of Illinois at Springfield).  His Masters of Arts degree was received in Religious Education from Gulf Coast Bible College in Panama City, FL.

In June of 2003 Dr. Harris received his second Masters in Guidance and Counseling from Lael College and Graduate School in Hazelwood, MO.

He also received his third Masters of Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, and Master of Arts in Counseling from Lindenwood University in 2013.
Dr. Harris has completed work in the area of Urban, Family, and Community Development at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.  Dr. Harris is also a Licensed Foster Parent.  He has been employed as a Addiction Counselor, Therapeutic Case Manager, taught in the school systems, worked as a Crime Victim Advocate for the City of East Saint Louis, IL. and served in the United States Navy.

Dr. Harris is also the founder of Wheels of Intercessory Prayer Ministry, a Christian outreach ministry whose mission is to touch the lives of people with the love of God, through unity, self-determination and optimal care.

Dr. Harris is an Alumni of HFM School of Theology/Seminary. He graduated on April 29th, 2017 at our Convocation & Graduation. He is our "first" Ph.D.!   He was, on that same date, appointed as our "Dean of Students" and as a Board member.

Dr. Harris is our newest staff member as a Professional Christian Counselor for Have Faith Ministries, Inc.'s Counseling Division, located at in Belleville, IL 62226