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Church or Ministry Charter


You MUST be an ordained minister "Ordained By" Have Faith Ministries, Inc. or an Alumni of our School of Theology/Seminary are eligible.

Once you make this transaction and we send out your Charter you will need to subscribe for your support will PayPal subscription of $25.00 per Month. This amount will allow us to provide our special services to your organization. 

Here are some of our services included:


  • Free financial Software
  • Support for using it
  • Our abilitity to notify you of certain aspects of your organization
  • Limited Ministry Support

(Other services will be discussed prior to your donation if necessary)


This is an official certificate with your Church or Ministries name. Our charters due not expire. The certificate shown may be changed and improved and may have an embosed corporate seal.

NOTE :   This is NOT a 501(c)3 Group Charter (We are a 508(c)(1)(a)


(Photo Subject to Change)


Shipping Outside the USA. Your document will be delivered via email as a PDF file for you to print on the paper of you choice.


This is a Donation to Have Faith Ministries, Inc. (Our parent Organization)


Complete the Application if you have not yet done so.


Questions? Call 1-800-505-8051 ext. 200


Name of Church or Ministry (i.e. - Have Faith Fellowship)

(Enter the actual Name of your Church or Ministry - NOTE: This can NOT be chanched so please make sure it is correct!)

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