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Dual Bachelor/Masters Degrees

$600.00 $700.00

Bachelor's/Master's Combined Degree

Two Tracks

Students receive two degrees as part of this combined course of study, one from their undergraduate studies and one from Master studies. Students may pursue this course of study once they are within four courses of completing their undergraduate degree. Some students may complete the combined degree program concurrently, that is, by completing the degree requirements for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time. Other students may complete the undergraduate degree first and then complete the master’s degree after having graduated from their undergraduate major. Students in this program may not receive their master’s degree ahead of their bachelor’s degree.

This is a discounted tuition program.  It must be approved by the Dean.

Request a consultation with the Dean if you are unsure about this program

NOTE: The following degrees are not abailable for dual degrees:

  • Bachelor of Theology in Christian Pastoral Counseling
  • Masters of Arts in Theology with Major in Christian Pastoral Counseling
  • Doctor of Theology with Major in Christian Pastoral Counseling

The Dean may make exceptions at any time or terminate this program.

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