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Doctor of Divinity


The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree is as valid and valuable as any doctorate degree issued by any religious organization. 

An ordained minister "Ordained By" Have Faith Ministries, Inc. or an Alumni of our School of Theology/Seminary is eligible to get this honorary degree for a reduced donation of $50.00. (This Alumni Special is listed separately in this group. Find it elsewhere on the menu.)

You will receive an Honorary Degree (honoris causa ) with a signature of our Ministry Official and our Official Seal. ( This item is not available outside the continental United States except via email as a PDF file ).

This item requires you be ordained.  *( NOTE: If you are NOT ordained or you do NOT provide evidence that you are ordained, we will thank you for your donation but you will NOT receive this degree).

*By continuing on knowing of this information you are agreeing to forfit the diploma and donation without a refund of any kind. HFM Board of Directors reserves the right to allow or deny, without reason, the approval of this item".

Please enter the exact name to be printed. (i.e.- John A. Doe OR Rev. John Doe, D.D.) Enter the organization that Ordained you along with the Name, address, City, State, zip/code and valid phone number!

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