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Master of Theology


The Master of theology is a great program for Pastors or those wanting to become a Pastor. The program consists of six courses for 120 hours of credits. The only textbook needed is a KJV Bible.  Once you have examination at the end of each course then submit it to your Instructor or Mentor. You may do this be scanning your exam and emailing it to the email address you will receive.  Please include your address, phone number and email on the cover sheet. You may mail the paper to us but please include a self addressed stamped envelope so we may return your grade and paper.

Cost of Course  - Here is a list of the courses:


The only book you will need is the HOLY BIBLE KJV

BIBLICAL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES:   A review of Biblical management principles with emphasis on servant leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.

PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS COURSE:   Students learn environmental analysis on an individual, church, and organizational basis.  They learn how to analyze the spiritual environment of a village, city, state or nation prior to penetrating it with the Gospel message.

MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES COURSE:  Everything Jesus did centered on the great purposes of God.  This course analyzes Christ's objectives for ministry and teaches students to institute management by objectives in their own life and ministry.

MOBILIZATION METHODOLOGIES COURSE:  This course presents methods for mobilizing spiritual forces for God and explains the practical application of the Harvestime vision to specific areas of ministry.  Referral courses in various areas of ministry are also available through this module.

LEAVEN-LIKE EVANGELISM COURSE:   The Gospel of the Kingdom spreads throughout the world as leaven in bread dough.  The leaven is small and hidden, but its impact is unlimited.  Effective evangelism strategies are taught, including detailed instruction on the deliverance ministry, church planting, and techniques of networking between ministries.

STRATEGIES FOR SPIRITUAL HARVEST COURSE:  The initial call of Jesus Christ to men was to be spiritually reproductive: "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." His final command, that of the Great Commission, also challenged followers to spiritual reproduction.  Using the analogy of the natural harvest, this course focuses on promises of spiritual harvest, things that prevent harvest, and keys to effective harvest.  It communicates the vision which the remainder of Institute training equips students to fulfill.

Lessons can be downloaded to your computer or viewed online.

You have the option of selecting one of three Majors:

1. Biblical Studies
2. Religious Studies
3. Divinity
4. Ministry

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