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Certified Pastoral Counselor Certificate


Generally the Pastoral Counselor takes a person to the Bible to allow the Bible to answer questions about problems they may be having. Therefore, the Pastoral Counselor is not considered, by many States of the U.S.A., nor can they hold themselves out as a professional; clinical or licensed counselor. (Separation of Church and State).

This program does not teach you to dispense advice but teaches you areas where the Bible shows people how to deal with their problems and it is not to be confused with Psychology or Psychiatry. We cannot emphasize enough that you should not tell a person what to do about their problems but rather lead them to the Bible and show them where the Bible addresses their issues.

The Pastoral counselor certificate is meant to keep you within the religious confines of this responsibility. It is therefore a prerequisite that you are currently an Ordained Minister or that you become ordained prior to graduation.

Materials Needed & Concept of Study

For most degrees programs sought, a book or books will be required to read and/or a theses written. The following should be addressed in each paper:

The title of the book. The author of the book. Write a ten to fifteen page paper. Summarize briefly what each chapter is about. This may require a minimum of one page per chapter plus a couple of paragraphs or more. Study enables us to gain new information and insights. Write out five to ten new truths you have learned. How might this book benefit you in your life or ministry? Do your best in reading and presentation. Do this work for you and for God. This is for you and the ministry God has called you to in His kingdom. Check for spelling, typos and use good grammar.

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