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Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

Quotes I came to Have Faith Ministries School of Theology, to pursue an undergraduate degree (B.Th) I cannot praise Dr Terry Aaron and His Faculty Staff enough. Their support and encouraging was most inspiring. Though I am not an "Ordained Minister" with Have Faith Ministries, I have always felt a Christian love and Warmth,toward me of that of an extended family. If you are looking for a solid Biblical Education and an awe inspiring teaching team..Then Have Faith Ministries School of Theology is the place...I didn't look back...Nor will you..May God richly bless you in your studies... Quotes
Reverend Chris Oliver
A Great School of Theology

Quotes At H.F.M. School of Theology, you learn from a curriculum designed by an experienced faculty in your field of study, whether you're earning your associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree. Have Faith Ministries School of Theology is right for you. Their curriculum is developed in collaboration with a faculty of industry professionals to ensure that you're getting the best in education. This means there programs aren't wasting your time. Instead, you're gaining up to date knowledge that's useful in todays society. http://members.webs.com/manageapp/testimonials/# -Dr. AL Davis, D.D. Quotes
AL Davis, Ministry A.D.
B.Th., M.Th.,D.D.

Quotes I am thankful for Gods' Grace and blessings in my being able to help our ministers, laymen, and students evolve via HFM School of Theology! We are honored to be of service to you and to Gods Kingdom. Plant those seeds and water them. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Press on to deliver His Word in the way you were called! ~ Amen Quotes
Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D.

Quotes In March 1976 I left South Africa for Tanzania,to receive training in freedom fighting.It was during THIS time that I neglected my relationship with God. In April 1976, Shortly after eight comrades and myself crossed the border from Tanzania into South Africa, to attack strategic points in my Country, I was flung to the ground. From my head down to my body and toes I was soaked in blood. At THAT moment I feared for the worse...thought I was shot by the enemy, and was dying. Four days later I woke up in Tanzania in one of our camps .I was informed by our platoon leader that ALL eight of my comrades died in a land mine field, and that I was the ONLY survivor. At THAT moment I realized that God came through for me. Even though I have forgotten about Him, He NEVER left me. What was the odds against nine people, who walked into a landmine field to come back alive? I promised God that I would restore my relationship with Him, as soon as I got back to South Africa. Quotes
His Grace is Sufficient

Quotes My wife and myself are people's people.We love the Lord, and it's our passion to Evangelise, develope disadvantaged communities, study the bible and empower the poor. We are also doing missionary and community work in Kenya, and plan to have our first African conference in July 2013. We recently applied to your School of Theology for Ordination. I'm convinced that your presence in our lives would be a blessing, and would have a positive impact on our mission. Have to go again. Be blessed. I am blessed to be an Alumni! Quotes
Our Testimony