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About Me

At the age of seventeen I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior,and was baptized.After completing two years of my three year teacher's diploma in 1976 ,I started teaching as an unqualified teacher.In March 1976 I left South Africa for Tanzania,to receive training in freedom fighting.It was duringTHIS time that I neglected my relationship with God. In April 1976,Shortly after eight comrades and myself crossed the border fromTanzania into South Africa,to attack strategic points in my country,I was flung to the ground.From my head down to my body and toes,I was soaked in blood.At THAT moment I feared for the worse...thought I was shot by the enemy,and was dying.Four days later I woke up in Tanzania in one of our camps.I was informed by our platoon leader that ALL eight of my comrades died in a land mine field,and that I was the ONLYsurvivor.At THAT moment I realized that God came through for me.Even though I have forgotten about Him,He NEVER left me.What was the odds against nine people,who walked into a landmine field to come back alive?I promised God that I would restore my relationship with Him,as soon as I got back to South Africa.Two weeks before the June 1976 riots,I returned home,to aid the final preparations for the up rise.In August 1976 I was expelled from teaching by the "apartheid" government,and detained under the Internal Security Act.In between the inhumane tortures I have suffered in detention,I had a lot of time to find my God again,and to restore my relationship with Him.In fact,I believe if it was not for HIS intervention during THIS time,I would definitely NOT be alive today,to tell MY story.

Four months after I was released from detention in May 1977,I joined a missionary group in Namibia,where I was working among the bushmen(Khoi/San).For the ten years I spent here, I was teaching the bushman children to read and speak and write Afrikaans.Two years AFTER I arrived in the Richtersveld(1979),I started ministring the Word of God to the Bushmen population in the area that was allocated to me.A year later four bushmen women was converted and baptised(1980). We build a hut in which we held our prayer meetings and Sunday school. THIS hut could innitially accommodate twenty people. When I left the mission in 1987,our membership grew from four converts to twenty,fifty children and thirty five adults who could speak,read and write Afrikaans.Today,the Richtersveld bushman community are spiritually and socially empowered,with a church AND primary school.

In December 1988 I started my own church called PEOPLE OF THE COVENANT in the Western Cape.Because of my history of political activism,it was EXTREMELY difficult to keep the church going,because I was constantly interogated and detained by the Security Police.Nevertheless,the Spirit of God could NOT be extinguished in my heart.In 1990 I started a branch of our church in the Northern Cape of South Africa(Riemvasmaak - Khoi/San region). Currently we have a membership of ninety five in Cape Town,and in Kakamas in the Northern Cape,we have a membership of forty. Because of the GREAT need for spiritual AND economic empowerment, after our country obtained it's democratic freedom in 1994,I started a community development and empowerment organization in 2004.Our main objectives was to provide skills development,computer training,small business training programs,bible studies and youth leadership programs.ONE of our missions is to empower previously disadvantaged communities in the Western and Northern Cape.We have a branch in Kakamas,and our Head Office is in Gaylee,Cape Town.Currently we have a Facebook webpage COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT and a group profile COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS.We ALSO have our own website at communityempowermentprojects.webs.com Recently we have signed up three hundred members in Kenya and are also working with a youth mission goup in Trinidad(West Indian Islands).The executive management members of our organization in Kenya are Miss.Dorcus Daisy,Pastor Peter Kaloki and Mabukha Aggrey.We plan to have our FIRST African conference in July 2013.

Have recently applied to Have Faith Ministry Inc. for ordination.Application is still pending.


James Linders

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Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
3:37 PM on March 4, 2017 
Lord, I stand on Holy Ground in YOUR presence, to intercede for my sister Dessie Aaron in Belleville,IL,USA. You are the UNCHANGED and ETERNAL God, from age to age.
FILL my sister Dessie's weak and broken body with the AWESOME power of your Holy Spirit!!
Cancer I REBUKE your frightening powers in my sister's body and REFUSE your toxic pollution in JESUS Name!! I take BACK my sister's health which the DEVIL has STOLEN from her.
Unto YOU o Lord I bring the honor, the glory AND the praise...AMEN!!
Reply Rev.Terry Aaron PhD
4:38 PM on August 24, 2013 
Thanks Rev. James Linders!
Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
9:24 AM on March 5, 2013 
I just got off the line to Kenya,where I was chatting to Phelix Williams about the elections in their country.According to him the elections were MOSTLY peaceful.HOWEVER,he requested me to pray for the results of the elections.Kenyans are tired of political abuse and fighting.They want to live in peace AFTER their fourth election,and restore Kenya.

Lets bow our heads for a moment and pray:"Baru hashem adunai. You ARE the first and you ARE the last.The Alpha AND the Omega.We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Kenya.Hear the cries of your children Lord!! They seek peace in Kenya, peace AFTER the results of the elections are known.But they DON'T seek the peace of THIS world.They seek YOUR peace,an EVERLASTING peace,a peace that THIS world can NOT appreciate,because it robs satan of his lust for war,crime,negativity,corruption,fraud,abuse AND disruption.They seek YOUR peace Father God...an EVERLASTING peace.A peace of prosperity hope,love,positivity,endurance,revival and respect for each other's rights.Grant it to them NOW Lord,in Jesus' name. Amen!!!

ALL who have prayed the prayer with me,PLEASE show your support for them by clicking on "LIKE". God bless and keep you ALL my friends.

Rev.Dr. James Linders
Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
8:20 AM on February 21, 2013 
This afternoon I shared an opinion with my dear friend from Trinidad,my brother Glen,on his time line.A gentleman made an allegation that life has NO meaning,because we live JUST to die.At conclusion,he stated life might just as well be an orgasm.Wow!!Although It's his democratic right to express his opinion,I need to enlighten him about the origin of life.

SOME call it evolution,some call it the big bang.I call it CREATION...the AWESOME power of God on display.The date of our birth OR that of our death,is of little significance.It's the period in between that defines us.I believe that the human being is a two fold form of life....material(physical body),and spiritual(eternal life force...God's spirit).We were created in the beginning by God in two stages...first the doll-like body out of dust,then God blew HIS spirit into the nostrils of the dead body,and it became alive...a living soul.The body is destined to die at a later,OR earlier stage.It will return to the earth from where it comes. For those who don't believe in a life here after,life ends at the grave for them.EVERYTHING they've lived for,stood for and hoped for is lost...FOREVER.At death,NOTHING make sense to them...ALL is but vanity.For those who live to please God,life is MORE then just a fleeting moment.It's a spiritual relationship with God.The apostle Paul once said,and I quote: " For me to live, is Christ,and to die is gain". Unquote.He knew,because of his spiritual relationship with God,he would arise from the grave again,and live.THIS time he would live FOREVER.A world with out end,where there's NO MORE night there...in a land of fade less days.Where we will come to understand EVERYTHING COMPLETELY.Where EVERYTHING would make TOTAL sense.Life was created to be MORE then just an orgasm.It was created to be sacred,to worship and praise it's Creator...GOD. We must be CAREFUL of false prophets and teachers.Satan has a way of twisting the truth. Be blessed my brother.
Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
8:09 AM on February 21, 2013 
My wife and I received our ordination from HFM on 02/20/2013.We are honored to be accepted into the HFM Family,and wish to express our deep grattitude to Dr. Terry Aaron for his vote of confidence in us.God bless.
Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
8:04 AM on February 21, 2013 
My wife and I received our ordination on 02/20/2013.We are BOTH VERY excited.

Its been a life long dream of my wife to serve God as an ordained minister.Unfortunately the church in wich she grew up,DON'T allow female ministers on their pulpit.We believe that God opened THIS door for her from Africa to America,because its HIS will that she be an ordained minister.As for myself,I hope to make a positive and remarkable contribution to the HFM family,with my 35 years of ministry,evangelism and missionary experience and exposure.

Last but NOT least,I want to thank Dr. Terry for the vote of confidence him and his committee has shown in us,for accepting us as part of the HFM Family.May God bless ALL your future endeavours.
Reply drjlinders@gmail.com
3:51 AM on February 11, 2013 
This morning I came across a VERY interesting subject, on a dear friend of mine from Kenya,Pastor Peter Kaloki's, timeline.....HOMOSEXUALITY.A picture of two men,walking side by side on the beach was published. A number of different opinions was presented by various people. I decided to view MY opinion on the matter as well.Hope it will make a positive contribution,and that it will be accepted in good spirit.

HOMOSEXUALITY. This condition is as old as the mountains,and have been analysed,discussed and studied for centuries. ONE of the theories on THIS subject,is that homosexuality has its origin in environmental influence. In other words, it's NOT inherent,but a condition which is implanted into a person by the environment in which he is raised.Is it a curse OR a defect in our blueprint?As a theologian,I would say that it's NEITHER a curse NOR a defect. IF THIS condition is discovered between the ages of one year to five years, it CAN be reversed. However,it's VERY seldom discovered at this age. By the time it's discovered,the condition has become ALMOST irreversible and SO habitual,that it has become an irreplaceable component of the person's life. The question that frequently arises on THIS subject, is whether or NOT the condition should be accepted as a norm in societies. Once again we would have different responses and reactions on the matter,which would either be influenced by custom,tradition,religion OR perception.Nevertheless,as a theologian, I'm bound by the Word of God,and can ONLY comment on its principles. WHAT would Jesus have done...condoned homosexuality....? Rejected the person who had THIS condition....? Out of a biblical perspective I would say that He would have done NEITHER of the two. Jesus loved sinners,ate with them,sat in conversations with them,drank with them,taught them and EVENTUALLY died for them. Nevertheless,he would have given them a choice to be healed or to be a victim.God destroyed Sodom with fire,because of this VERY condition that was practiced by the men in this city. Judging from God's response,it's VERY clear that He rejected and despised it,so much so,that he wiped out an entire community,with the exception of a few people who did not have THIS condition. WHY would God go to such a terrifying extend?Couldn't He have opened the eyes of these men to convince them of the wrongs in their ways,changed their mind sets OR healed them?? In fact,God GAVE them an option to change their ways,but they rejected it. To THEM, THIS condition was justified AND an acceptable norm. Unlike SOME churches of today,God did NOT compromise on the issue. IF God wanted HOMOSEXUALITY to be an ACCEPTABLE and JUSTIFIED norm,He would have created two men in the beginning(GENESIS).Instead He created ADAM,meaning man,and EVE,meaning WO...MAN,the FEMALE of MAN.