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"Where the Teaching and the Holy Spirit meets Your Call in Ministry"

Overview of this Seminary

Have Faith Ministries School of Theology & Seminary Overview

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Have Faith Ministries, Inc. was Founded by Pastor Terry Aaron in 1999 in answer to God's calling.  This School of Theology, Theological Seminary, Bible School, Religious College and University, was conceived of the Holy Spirit and became a division of Founder Dr. Terry Aaron's, HFM Theological Seminary in 2003. This School has virtual online classes using software such as Zoom, Google Meeting, Adobe Meeting, Skype and others for online classes from our Headquarters in Swansea, IL. 

PUBLIC NOTICE:  We are in negotiations to also have our Seminary here in the St. Louis Metro East (Illinois) area!  We will repost here as this evolves, by the Grace of God, details.  Have Faith Ministries, Inc. (HFM) is our umbrella, our Ministry.  

NEWS:  We send congratulations to ? Dr. Bishop Solomon Butler, Ph.D. - He Graduated August 14th, 2021 we Honors with a 'dual' degree in Theology & Education!  (This was our third Ph.D. since we have recently added.)


At Have Faith International Ministries School of Theology/Seminary we are able to issue Degrees of a Religious nature. Our earned degree programs for both College level certificates and degrees are now available.  As a Religious School all titles are non-secular yet carry the same rights as an academic title in the usage of honorifics.

No School or University that offers courses and studies of religious philosophy can really claim to be more correct than any other School of religion since they are established by man, and not by God.

What does this mean to you? A Doctorate Degree bestowed by Harvard University to a person within a specific field allows that person to be addressed as Doctor. A Doctorate Degree issued by Have Faith Ministries School of Theology and Seminary also allows its recipient to be addressed as Doctor. They hold the same rights of acknowledgment.

Currently our School of Theology issues both degrees for life's experiences and for earned study courses. LE credits are not converted to a grade scale but is meshed with normal classes.

If you are an ordained minister through Have Faith Ministries, Inc. or an Alumni of our School of Theology/Seminary, you may receive a discount for the degree tuition befitting your talents, or abilities in the fields of your choosing. You may also, at your own discretion, register your name on our HFM-Alumni group. This group may also be viewed by anyone you give the URL to for verification. When you join the group please indicate "public" if you want your personal and HFM School of Theology's student records made available for verification of your degree(s) or certification(s). Visit or you may Join the HFM-Alumni Group at http://groups.google.com/group/hfm-alumni

The purpose of Have Faith Ministries School of Theology (Seminary) is to help develop the skills needed by members of the clergy in sharing their faith in a concise manner. But, these same courses will help in coming closer to advancement within their faith also.

The difference between an earned degree and an honorary degree is fairly clear. In order to receive an earned degree a person has entered into a degree program and a course of study. On the other hand an honorary degree is granted only for life's experience within a specific field. It is our belief that just because a person has not learned to mime a professor's teachings does not mean that someone may not receive recognition for their life abilities. The Doctorate degree after all was a title of the church long before the academic world chose to claim it as the pinnacle of learning. (Our only honorary degree is the Doctor of Divinity degree. (D.D. or D.Div.)

Understanding that an earned degree does in many instances help the student achieve a better understanding within their field of study. But, an honorary degree simply accepts that through life's experiences this student of life is deserving of the same acknowledgment.

Our Programs are designed for those seeking professional recognition, certification, ministerial practitioners and teachers. The purpose of the school is to help its students unlock their minds, to find the keys to success through the teaching of God's Word and to recognize the value of the human God First experience. Your earned degree from Have Faith Ministries School of Theology (Seminary or Bible School) will be awarded according to our academic requirements and issued by our Executive Board of Education.




Accreditation of any college, school or university is strictly voluntary. Have Faith Ministries School of Theology is presently accredited.  Bible Study, and Theology, like religion, is recognized and protected under the first amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees any citizen the right to practice and to teach it to others. This is the essence of our type of degree. Thus accreditation is of minor importance. The separation of Church and State or Government applies. More...

(pertains to Counseling only)

Each State has requirements to be Licensed as a "Professional Counselor", etc. however Churches, Ministries and some Non-Profit organizations are EXEMPT* as long as the terminology and employer is correct. You can not hold yourself out to be a "Licensed Professional" unless you meet the requirements of your State. (Check with your home State).  In the State of Illinois if you work for one of the above entities, you are EXEMPT from license in the State of Illinois. 

*Reference being made from the State of Illinois revised statutes. More...

Enrollment Fee

Our Enrollment Fee which was $150.00 is now on sale for $50.00.. This "one time fee" is due before you can start your course work. This is the same regardless if your work is done online, on campus, Skype or any combination of these. Please contact our registrar's office for additional information at 

1-800-505-8051 ext. 400.

Graduation Requirements

We offer a degree for a combination of coursework and credit for prior learning.  Mature adults, through life experiences and informal study, have often accumulated a great deal of knowledge. Unfortunately this type of learning is not always recognized by our Worldview because it is not obtained in a formal classroom setting.

Examples of life experiences which we accept as legitimate learning activities are on-the-job learning, non-credit post secondary programs, significant volunteerism in social work, executive leadership, and other experiences that may equate to academic study programs, as well as general knowledge gained through life experiences.

We request that all of our Doctoral candidates send a brief one page resume along with their application so that we can review their past accomplishments, However LE credits are not available for this level.

We also require that all students complete a short course of study relative to some of the degrees for which they are applying if their LE portfolio has been approved.

Most of our students are able to complete all studies within a few months, although they are allowed up to one year to finish any course work.

A total of 120 credit hours are required for graduation.  This may be a combination of Campus, Skype or Online classes.

Non traditional style transcripts are available, upon request, for an additional "donation". However if you do not complete the coursework to earn the required 120 credit hours or other credit hours that have not been stated here. In addition, if your program coursework has been waived then you may not have a traditional transcript, if any at all.

Materials Needed & Concept of Study

For all diploma, certificate and Associate Degree programs sought, 

  • Study enables us to gain new information and insights. Write out five to ten new truths you have learned.
  • How might your Bible benefit you in your life or ministry?
  • Do your best in reading and presentation. Do this work for you and for God. This is for you and the ministry if God has called you to in His kingdom. Check for spelling, typos and use good grammar.

    All classes use ONLY the Holy Bible, KJV 

Credits for Services and Life Experience


Military service personal from any Allied National armed forces branch will receive a minimum of three credit hours for Honorable service. A copy of your DD-214 or an equivalent form if you are applying from a Country that is an active member of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO.


Credit for life work and ministry will be evaluated. You may have years of part time or full time experience in Christian service that would have credit value. You will be asked to submit a short bibliography/resume for evaluation.  These credits may be applied to each degree through the master's level. Life experience credit is not available at the doctorate level. 

Note: A maximum percentile is computed and determined by our Board that will be applicable toward your required credits that can be obtained through Life/Work/Ministry Experience. (This percentile is between (0 - 75%). A  traditional transcript may not be issued for LE.


If you have accrued credits from any other College, Seminary or other institutions of higher learning then please mail, fax or email the certificate and transcript to us for evaluation/conversion. This process is reviewed by the Dean, Faculty and Board of Directors.  Please provide phone numbers for each to verify your credentials.  Depending upon the nature of prior classes, our review board will determine if they are applicable to transfer. 

Honorary Doctorate Programs


(Honorary Degree)

Cost of course is $100.00

The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree is as valid and valuable as any doctorate degree issued by any religious organization. The only book for instruction will be the KJV of the Holy Bible.

This item requires you be ordained.  *( NOTE: If you are NOT ordained or you do NOT provide evidence that you are ordained, we will thank you for your donation but you will not receive this degree).

*By continuing on knowing of this information you are agreeing to forfit the diploma and donation without a refund of any kind). HFM Board of Directors reserves the right to allow or deny, without reason, the approval of this item.(This donation may not include shipping and handling outside the continental United States).

Alumni of this School and Ordinates are granted a 50% discount. Click Here



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